• Shea Villwock

    Film (Sound Production, Sound/Music, Film/Movie, Sound Engineer)

    Chicago, IL, United States, IL

    Sky Machine

    Music (Band)


    Patrick Langille

    Film (Film/Movie, WOD)

    Halifax, NS

    Kevin Martin

    Film (Camera, Cinematographers, Director of Photography, Camera Operator, Camera Production Assistant, Grip, Key Grip, Grips, Actor, Body, Production, Screenwriter, Film/Movie, Jib Operator, Directing, Director, Photographer, WOD)

    Lebanon, OH

    Bo! Campbell

    Film (Camera, Cinematographers, Director of Photography, Camera Operator, Sound Production, Production Sound Mixer, Boom Operator, Editorial, Film Editor, Visual Effects, Visual Effects Supervisor, Actor, Television, Commercial, Vocal, Production, Producer, Executive Producer, Line Producer, Production Manager, Post-Production Supervisor, Production Assistant, Screenwriter, Casting Director, Film/Movie, Sound Engineer, Directing, Director, Locations, Location Manager, Assistant Location Manager, Location Scout, Location Production Assistant, WOD)

    Pittsburg, CA

    xrats (Ross Williams)

    Film (Camera, Camera Operator, Editorial, Film Editor, Directing, Director, WOD)

    Talent, OR

    Sean Taylor

    Film (Editorial, Film Editor, Colorist, Actor, Television, Body, Production, Screenwriter, Film/Movie, Directing, Director)

    Batavia, IL

    DC McAuliffe

    Music (Electric Instrument, Keyboardist, Composer, Composers)

    Schaumburg, IL


    Music (Electric Instrument, Keyboardist, Composer, Song Writer, Songwriters, Musician, Vocalist, Guitarist, Bassist, Pianist, Drummer, Band)

    Chicago, IL


    Art (Performance Art, Trick Shots, Visual Arts, Photographer, Writer, Blogger)

    St Charles, IL

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