Bo! Campbell

Bo! Campbell

Actor, Commercial, Television, Vocal

Action, Action Comedy, Action Horror, Action Thriller, Sci-Fi Action, Superhero Film, Violent

Pittsburg, CA

Scotchworthy Productions

Directing, Director, Film Business, Film/Movie, Prosthetics, Special Effects

Comedy, Horror

Chicago, IL

Kevin Smith Fan Page

Directing, Director, Film Business, Production, Producer

Action, Comedy, Horror

Los Angeles, CA

Detroit Benny (Ben Lewandowski)

Editorial, Film Editor


Kenosha, WI

Robert Stern

Camera, Camera Operator, Cinematographers, Director of Photography, Production, Producer



Bennie Woodell

Camera, Director of Photography, Directing, Director, Editorial, Film Editor

Action, Action Horror, Action Thriller, Martial Arts, Spy Film, Superhero Film, Violent, Adventure, Swashbuckler, Drama, Romance, Horror, B-Horror, Romance, Drama, Thriller, Thriller, Action, Crime, Psychological, Scary

Los Angeles, CA

Jaime Gutierrez

Actor, Vocal


North Aurora, IL

Matt (Matthew Bay)

Directing, Director, Production, Executive Producer, Producer

Horror, Creature, Monster, Psychological, Supernatural

Cold Spring, KY

James Atkins

Directing, Director, First Assistant Director, Film/Movie, Production, Producer, Screenwriter, Script Supervisor

Action, Action Comedy, Action Horror, Action Thriller, Sci-Fi Action, Violent, Comedy, Black, Fantasy, Horror, Slapstick, Spoof/Parody, Drama, Comedy, Melodrama, Horror, B-Horror, Creature, Gory, Psychological, Science-Fiction, Slasher/Serial Killer, Splatter, Supernatural, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Action, Fantasy, Thriller, Action, Scary, Sci-Fi

London, United Kingdom