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Artist View is not only a marketplace, but an engagement platform for your captive audience (your fans and potential fans). We make it easier for you to monetize relationships.


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Collaborate With new Artists.

Easily Create Your Very own Custom Profile.

Show the world who you really are.

Artist View has no Boundaries.

Here are just a few of the features our members use daily.


Feature your media in customizable albums. Upload images, audio and video into your galleries. All of the media is hosted through Artist View, so members do not have to worry about embedding or linking media from other websites (i.e., YouTube, SoundCloud, Flicker). Customize the way your media and albums appear on your profile page!

100% fan post reach

Artist View offers their members a 100% fan reach. You will never have to worry about NOT reaching your full fan-base.


CREATE your own storefront with a FREE membership so you can sell your products and take the profits! Merchandise will be displayed on profiles and in the main Artist View store. Track your purchases in the shopping cart while browsing the site or the store.


Artist View has an extensive search engine built in the the website. You can search keywords, names, products, groups, events, artists, businesses and even fans.

Credit Artists

Give credit where credit is due depending upon your profession as an artist. The Artist View system will know what information you need to provide. This will make it easier for people to DISCOVER you! ie: Director > Movie > Crew > Website

Custom Profiles

Each member has options for customizing their profile to best suits their needs. Members also have the option to choose their main focus along with any other focuses in which they are involved.


Create and host events with a paid membership. Members can view a map of events in their area that offers event details, venue location and a specific profession pins.


Create and manage groups with a paid membership. Communicate, interact, COLLABORATE, and discuss with other artists and fans who have the same or similar interests. Groups can be public or private. Members can start new discussions, post responses and share groups depending on the group's status as public or private.

An Award Winning Social Network.